UEFA fines Spurs to lose out of the Europacon official

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Tottenham Hotspur have officially been eliminate from the Europa Conference League after UEFA’s defeat of the Golden Spurs 3-0.

The BBC are reporting that the European Football Federation (UEFA) has ruled Tottenham Hotspur in a 3-0 defeat against Rennes, the final ufabet game of the Europa Conference group stage. The Z League has been postpone. The team from the English Premier League had to be eliminate in the group stage already.

Spurs were force to postpone their game against Rennes on December 9 because of the coronavirus pandemic at the club. Which has infected 13 players and staff.

FA allows the game to be postpone according to the rules. You just have to find a new race date by December 31st. However, Spurs were unable to find a date for a new match against Rennes within the stipulated time frame, prompting UEFA to refer the matter to a disciplinary committee. 

Although previously still put the Golden Spikes chicken name together with Vitesse in the Europa Conference League play-off draw, but the latest conclusion has come out. The team from the Premier League lost 0-3. This means Spurs will finish third in the group. It was already eliminate, sending Vitesse into the play-off round instead as the second team.