Eddie Howe has called out VAR

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Newcastle manager Eddie Howe has called out VAR. And the referee did not give a penalty when Ryan Fraser was struck by Ederson in the penalty area during the 0-4 defeat to Manchester City.

Howe said: “It was a very strange game. Because the result looks bad for us. But the reality of the ufabet game feels very different. We made ourselves climb with the first goal lost. and very disappointing.”

“We lost two bad children. There were some controversial moments, and the events of Ryan Fraser were confusing. And not sure if it should be a penalty or not. I’m not sure what happened to VAR and the referee, the goalkeeper hit Ryan and it was a clear penalty.

“I’m satisfied with the players. We’ve gained some in the last three major defeats in a row, but we also have to look at the quality of the opponents. Still have a good feeling for the team. We are heading in the right direction. But the road is still far away.”

“We haven’t seen the ball for a while. They have more balls than you. to play with them with a recovery time of less than two days. And the physical effort of the players is extraordinary. after playing with Liverpool